Ahh, Animal Crossing. One of the most peaceful, zen-like games of our time. Arrive in a strange town, plant flowers, chase butterflies, collect bugs - all in a day in the life of the peaceful setting of Animal Crossing. All of this comes to a screeching halt when you're visited by Resetti.

Resetti can't stress enough the importance of saving your game often, especially just before you turn your game off. If you don't save your game before powering down, Resetti will pop up and give you a long, drawn out speech with a slightly sarcastic tone on how his presence wouldn't be needed if you would have simply saved your game before leaving.

A very similar scenario to answering "No" to the Legend of Zelda's Owl when asked, "Did you get all that?" Only with Resetti, he doesn't give you the option. You're forced to hear him out before carrying on with your daily tasks.