The first time we went through this gigantic dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it took us longer than any other stage in the game. I think we also threw our controllers in a fit rage twice as much. Having to make the water levels rise, then fall. Then finding the metal boots that allow you to walk underwater and, basically, having to do more of the same with the water levels. The auto-camera system would also give you not-very-flattering camera angles which made it easy to get disoriented on which way you were going versus which way you wanted to go.

Don't let the nice melody of the music fool you on this stage, either. Although it's about the only thing keeping the veins sticking out of your forehead from popping in a bit of rage, this stage requires a sense of meditation before trying to tackle it.

If this game had a tune I could play on my ocarina that would make us skip past any dungeon in this epic title, this would be the one we'd pass.