KATS longtime listener Darcie Palmer alerted us to the plight of her daughter's best friend - Estasia Kerrigan - who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

She asked if we could donate to the silent auction to raise funds for her treatment at Children's Hospital in Seattle and her new residence for the 6-9 months at the Ronald McDonald House.

We were happy to pony up with some tickets to see the Toughest Monster Truck show as well as Chickenfoot in concert and hope that it can be used to raise alot of money for a great cause.

Here are Darcie's heartfelt words and more info on the event Friday night.

Most likely, we've all loved or lost someone to Cancer. It's a horrible disease with NO boundaries - It strikes the young and old - It never discriminates against it's next victim - It is a cruel and ugly disease. It doesn't care who it attacks.

Estasia Kerrigan is only 13 years old and has her WHOLE life ahead of her, dreams to live, boys to dance with at school dances, girls to gossip with and a lifetime of love to share. She is in the fight of her life, she recently was diagnosed with Leukemia.

The doctors are doing what they can do and TOGETHER, we can help make some dreams of hers come true and can make life a little more comfortable and enjoyable as well as ease the monetary burden on her family. Please consider “Paying It Forward”. People will remember your kindness.

By the grace of God, none of us will ever have to face anything like what she & her family are going through. Our goal is that Estasia be a SURVIVOR with a great story to tell. To be able to share her story of when an amazing group of strangers cared about her and believed in her enough to come together and help hold her hand while she was fighting the greatest battle she would ever face.

A silent auction fundraiser is set for Friday, June 1st @ Discovery Lab School Gymnasium, 2810 Castlevale Road in Yakima from 6pm-8pm. If you have ANY questions, please just ask. THANK you so much for your time and consideration - PLEASE, help.

Thank you!
Darcie Palmer