Gina Carano is an actress, model, former ‘American Gladiator,’ and “the face of women’s MMA.” She is also the star of the new film ‘Haywire.’ Gina is the ‘crush’ today because never has a woman that could kick our keister in, looked so good.

Carano is a good example of never judging a book by it’s cover — she is incredibly gorgeous but could also knock a man’s teeth down his throat. Ever have that friend that could just naturally kick the tar out of anyone in any situation? The same guy that you’d purposely get into fights just to watch some other dude get his face smashed in? Just us? Well, those guys exist, but it would be a hell of a lot more fun to if it were a hot woman instead of a psycho friend to sick on some random d-bag at a bar.

“Hey dude, nice Affliction shirt. Is that new? Anyway, see that woman over there drinking the martini. She totally loves it when guys call her sugar butt.  Especially while they rub her backside in a circular motion. I’m her ex-boyfriend, so I should know. Give it a shot!”