Remember the old series of school ground jokes that started with the question, "What's grosser than gross?"

Well, after all these years, we may have the definitive answer.

Giovanna Plowman, a teenaged girl residing in Buffalo, N.Y., is apparently so starved for attention that she uploaded a video to of her doing something so disgusting that the clip was eventually pulled down.

The act was so grotesque in nature that I'm having a difficult time even describing it here.

Let's just say that Ms. Plowman is now being referred to on-line as "Tampon Girl" after putting a feminine hygiene product in a place where it was never meant to go.

Here is the video but I warn you to put down what you're eating first (Possibly NSFW)

If fame and notoriety is what she craved, she just might be getting it as she has already been contacted by the producers of the Comedy Central T.V. show "Tosh.0" to appear on the program.