Of course most of us are obessed with Zakk Wylde and the way he rolls.  But I can atest to the fact that I would not leave Sacraficail objects on his door step! This is the photo of "The Sacrafice" ! Physco!!!

Zakk headed to court on Friday for the restraing order.  He explained how his "Physco" neighbor stopped by one day with out a shirt and just wanted to talk.  The next day he saw on his door step that the nut job had left a guitar with writting in sharpie on it and a box cutter! The guy is diffently not there! HAHA There was even another incident when the phsyco neighbor, Radich, broke into Zakk's home studio and screamed "I must assert my dominance!" Good lord! What an idiot! Zakk got a 3 year restraining order on Radich. For more on the story check out www.tmz.com