Wolfman Jack is one of those last DJ's that could pretty much say what he wanted to say and play what he wanted to play! He will always be my favorite!

Wolfman Jack, God rest him, was born  Robert Weston Smith on January 21st, 1938.  His mom and dad divorced when The Wolfman was at a young age so his dad bought him a  transoceanic radio to keep him from getting in big trouble!

His first radio name was "Daddy Jules" before he slipped into the famous Wolfman!

I love everything that he stood for. I loved how he moved to Mexico and actually broadcast on a station that was 250,000 WATS which is over the legal limit! You could hear him in NY City! Later he pretty much invented syndication by editing his old Air-Checks and sending them out to other stations!  He was heard in over 53 countries!

We miss you Wolfman and Good Night To You Too!

Tom Petty - Last DJ (this song was written for the great DJ Jim Ladd but very appropriate for The Wolfman as well.)