Today marks the 60th celebration of "Secretary's Day" or, as it is now called, "Administrative Professionals Day."

The idea began with Mary Barrett, president of the National Secretaries Association, now called IAAP, and C. King Woodbridge, president of Dictaphone Corporation. They served on a council addressing a national shortage of skilled office workers. Together with Harry Klemfuss, a public relations account executive, they originated the idea for a National Secretaries Week.

The official period of celebration was first proclaimed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer as "National Secretaries Week," which was held June 1–7 in 1952, with Wednesday, June 4, 1952 designated National Secretaries Day.

All of us here at Townsquare Media in Yakima would like to take a moment to recognize those "behind the scenes" that allow us to do our jobs more easily and efficiently!

They are:

Sarah Hoon - Receptionist

Sarah might just be more recognizable than ANY of the D.J.'s on the air as she is the fresh face that greets you at our front desk and always answers the phone in a cheerful manner.
Sarah, who was married to her husband Curt just last summer, will celebrate her two year anniversary here on May 28th.

Claire Biggs - Traffic Assistant/Sales AssistantThis May 29th will mark Claire's third year with us assisting in the Traffic and Sales departments.  Claire is the mother of twin boys and a darling younger daughter.  She also sounds strikingly similar to "Sharon Peters" who sits in on "The Big Show" with me in the mornings.

Julia Couchman - Traffic Director

I know what you're thinking...  TRAFFIC?  In Yakima?!?!  Actually, Julia - who is going to be celebrating her 10th anniversary here at the stations on May 15th - has the task of scheduling all of the commercials you hear on the station and making sure that the advertisers get their message out to you!
Julia and her husband Brandon are the proud parents of six kids with their most recent addition, Jaxen, having been born just six months ago.

Lydia DeLeon - Human Resources/Accounts Payable & Receivable/Procurer of T-Shirts

Senora DeLeon - pictured (barely!) here with Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley -  is one of our longest tenured employees.  Lydia has spent more than half of her life putting up with wacky D.J.'s trying to take her picture, all the while making sure that those same people get their paychecks on time.  This August 20th will be her 22nd anniversary in radio.

I've always said that the two most important people in a radio station are the Chief Engineer (he keeps the signal on the air - no signal, no station!) and the billing person as that is the person who gets me my paycheck!

From ALL of us here at Townsquare Media, THANK YOU ladies for all you do!

If you would like to have us give a shout out to your secretary on the air, please leave us their name and your place of business in the comments below!