Since they don't have a Google Translator that goes from Ghetto to English, lucky for you, I'm more than qualified to transcribe compositions of this lyrical nature. I'm no Indiana Jones but I'll do my best. This list translates as follows:

Shit fo' yo pitz = Deodorant or Antiperspirant
Ass wash (note the capital A to emphasize the word Ass) = Soap, probably body wash in liquid form
Big loofa = literally, a big loofa
White people bread = I'd place bets this is code for Wonder bread though it could be a multi-grain style wheat bread
Tortillaz = clever spelling of tortillas - no clue on corn or flour
Good mayo = Best Foods (Hellmann's on the east coast) mayonnaise. No store-brand quality here.
TUNA FISH PACKS = StarKist makes a tuna pack. This is the primary item on the list.
Dong Bags = condoms

Sounds like it's going to be one hell of an evening!

I'm not meaning to point fingers, but does it surprise you that this note was found at Walmart?