Eat your heart out, real hobos! HA My youngest daughter has a better sign! Dressing up in different things for the end of school was always my favorite thing to do! We had "Rock Day", Spirit Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hat Day and we had Hobo day, too! I will never forget having to come up with all of different stuff so that I had the craziest! For myself and my older daughter!

Well, today my younger daughter had to dress up like a hobo! I had a blast figuring out what she was going to wear. The whole fishing pole with the napsack thing worked. My Harley-Davidson headband worked just fine. My very cool Boston Red Sox scarf is the only thing not Hobo because it is so cool but the color is off so we had to do it!  She had the ugliest country and western green pull over that I was more than happy to put holes in for the occasion. And believe it or not but I still had my old school Checker Board Vans that have holes in them from skateboarding! HA

And to top it off, we had to make a sign. "Please Help! Hobo's love Chocolate"! All spelled the wrong way! Happy Hobo Day!