I was recently in Atlantic City with co-workers from around the nation, all of us with our own quirks and personalities. The guys from Texas had a bit of twang in their voice, the guys from New Jersey had an unmistakeable 'Joisey' accent. I suppose you could say we grow'em big in the Pacific Northwest which explains my height, but nobody exemplified where they're from more than my friend Jonathan Green from Cheyenne. From his hat to his boots to the words that came out of his mouth, he was 'Cheyenne'. The greatest gift he taught me was how he could magically light a match with one hand. Want to learn how?

It may take a bit of thumb manipulation, but the trick is not to rip the match out of the book of matches. Simply bend it back, place the the match head on the strike surface and kind of flick it with your thumb, like you're snapping your fingers. It took me a few tries but I got it down after a bit.

Jonathan Green is exponentially cooler than I ever hope to be so, in honor of him, I'm officially naming this style of lighting a match "Cheyenning" named after the capitol city of the great state of Wyoming where Jonathan Green is from. He said it will burn up your thumb if you do it as often as he does, but makes for a fun conversation starter.

"I will kill you, until you die from it." -Jonathan Green