There are alot of "behind-the-scenes" people at each and every radio station that all do their part to, hopefully, provide you with entertainment and information that you have come to expect.

One of those is the Chief Engineer.  He is the person who keeps the transmitter up and running.  No transmitter = no radio station!  This often means calls in the middle of the night from frantic DJ's who couldn't fix a leaky faucet to save their souls!

Today, KATS is losing ours. 

Chris Duncan is a person whom I have come to know over the last few years when he came to us from Little Rock, Arkansas.  I could tell you all about him, but the e-mail he sent out this morning bidding us a farewell will give you a better insight to him.

Here's an excerpt:

Both my wife and I love the weather and scenery in Yakima.  We have both met some AMAZING people that we really hate to have to say goodbye to. 

I think that, ultimately, the decision came down to just surviving here vs. really living here and being able to enjoy all that Yakima has to offer. 

I do have many memories of Yakima that will be with me always.  Like the Thanksgiving Day that I spent at the KATS transmitter because snow had melted and caused water to drip into the transmitter.  Or the look on Lance (Tormey’s) face when he starts to talk about skiing.  Or the time I tried to keep my feet dry when I went fly fishing for the first time and smacked my shin on a rock (okay, maybe I should forget that one). 

I will miss the theological discussions about the radio industry that I have had with Rik (Mikals - FFFM).  I will miss hearing about "Sharon Peter’s" 'little monkeys'.  I will even miss hearing about every guitar player that has ever played for a rock-n-roll band from Kelly west.  I will definitely miss the weather and great motorcycle rides.  I don’t know how I will keep up with Ron Paul without Todd E. Lyons around, but maybe he can keep me posted on Facebook.  I have no idea how I will make it through life without Gary’s jokes, so maybe he will e-mail me some every once in a while.

Tomorrow is my last day as a Townsquare Media employee and then will be gone back to Arkansas.

Take care, everyone, and God bless.


Best of luck in the future, Chris!