I remember when rock stars would  just randomly stop by the radio station because they couldn't wait to be on. Such was the case in 2011, when Korn's Fieldly stopped by with his other band! Check out the photos!




Killer afternoon at 94.5 KATS!!!!  Just hanging out waiting for my show to start and doing some show prep, you know the normal stuff. Then the KATS line rings just as Focker was leaving and on the other line is Fieldy from Korn!!  At first I didn't think that it was him.  I figured it was some drunk guy playing around! HA! Then he says "Hey, me and my other band Stillwell rented a car and we are headed to the station!"  I said bring it! Stillwell is the opening band for Monsters Music As A Weapon 5 tour. Fieldy is the bass player from Korn but in the band Stillwell he is playing shredding-ass guitar. Along with Fieldy from Korn, "Wuv" Bernardo Jr. from P.O.D. ,  rapper Q Unique and a Kat named Spider!  The band is amazing and and excellent interview!