The entire album 'The Wall,' released in 1979, reached No. 1 on charts across the world — the United States, Australia, Sweden and Denmark, just to name a few. And for good reason. This amazing 'rock opera' album is one of a kind.  Pink Floyd wrote three different parts to the song 'Another Brick In The Wall' and normally, if you are just hanging out listening, they should all be played together. Basically the entire album. Radio stations across the nation had to play just individual songs of the album considering how long it would be on air.

But the four I have here for you is the way I like to listen to this tune. "The Think Ice,' 'Another Brick In The Wall Part 1,' 'The Happiest Days Of Our Lives' and 'Another Brick In The Wall Part 2.'  The third part doesn't come until later on the album and it would become too long. So this is how I like 'The Wall.'