Yakima is known for several things. We're known for our apples, we're known for having 4 distinct seasons, we're known for our agriculture and so much more. There are a few facts about Yakima that you may or may not have known. Here are a few little-known facts about Yakima, Washington.



75% Of The United State's Hops Come From The Yakima Valley


Have you ever wondered why there are so many beer festivals around here? The Fresh Hop Ale Festival, The Moxee Hop Festival and more? It's because the Yakima Valley is responsible for about 75% of the hops in the United States. That's also equal to about 25% of the world's hops. If you drink a beer anywhere in the US, there's a 3 out of 4 chance the hops in it came from the Yakima Valley.


Yakima Had the First Brew Pub Open After The Prohibition


When Grants Brewery Pub first opened in 1982 by Track 29, it was considered the first brew pub that opened since the prohibition. Although Grant's is no longer there, the legacy lives on with great memories of their old location which used to be the Yakima Opera House. What I wouldn't do for a tall frosty pint of 'Hopzilla' right about now.


The Yakima Valley Has Over 50 Wineries


It may not be a little known fact that we so many wineries, but why we do is no mystery, either. Yakima's soil is very similar to the soil found in France. If you look at a map, you'll see that Yakima, WA is on the almost exact parallel that all of the great and popular vineyards in France come from. I'm so sick of everyone talking about Napa Valley in California and how great their wine is. Sure, it's probably good, but look at that parallel. Yakima matches up to France while Napa, CA matches up to Afghanistan. Cheers!


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Getty Images, Koichi Kamoshida

With all of our surrounding desert and baron land, the east side of Washington state has plenty of room, but so isn't the case in Japan where they have to use every square inch to it's fullest potential. That's why the Japan Ground Self Defense Force come to Yakima every year to train here. We have all the room they need for large scale live fire maneuvers that they wouldn't have the option, or the room, to do so in their native homeland. Our Japanese friends are always more than welcome.


I remember how fun it was to ride the Yakima Valley trolley when I was younger. I didn't know, however, that they've been running at least once a year for over 100 years. There was a time when our local trolly system was an active part of Yakima lifestyle and transportation. Now they're mostly used for historical events and other fun events like the Haunted Trolley during the Halloween season.