My uncle Mike once owned a convenience store in Toppenish years ago. He told me if I had seen the abuse of the "system" I'd want to end it all! He spoke of people sending their children in with a $5 dollar food stamp, only to have them buy a three-cent piece of candy and get the $4.97 in change which would then be used to buy beer.

We've all heard stories or legends of people using their E.B.T. cards to get cash at the casino, the person in line at the grocery store who saw someone pay for a bunch of junk food with food stamps and then drive off in an Escalade, but this woman might just take the cake... and eat it too!

A 24 year-old woman in the state of Michigan won $1 million in the Michigan State Lottery but is still collecting food stamps!

"I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn't, I thought maybe it was OK because I'm not working".

Back in December, a woman in Washington State fell under scrutiny when it was revealed she was receiving state economic benefits even though she lives in a $1 million waterfront home on Lake Washington.

Now I can understand a little better what my uncle was talking about.