Home brewing is becoming very popular and a local shop is helping with supplies.

Yakima Valley Hops and Brew supply is tucked into a warehouse along the 700 block of North First Avenue. They sell more than 40 different kinds of hops, grains, extracts and various types of equipment to produce your own homemade beer, wine and cider.

“We wanted to provide a home brew shop in the area when we noticed there wasn’t one here. And since it’s opened we’re getting a lot of good support,” said co-owner Jeff Perkins.

The owners said their business start up is coexisting with a huge surge in the craft brewing industry. According to the brewers association, there's nearly 2,500 operating craft breweries in the United States, a number that's increasing every month.

Perkins and his partners are also busy working on getting extra warehouse space that could potentially be a venue for live music and games.

They are also working to get their micro-brewery license so they can offer brew school. The would teach people to whip up their own batch of beer while learning about the craft beer culture.