This guy in California was sentenced to 6 years in jail, 3 years probation for turning someone's bottle of water into a protein shake.
Meet Michael Kevin Lallana. Actually, no, you don't want to meet him. Not only did he ejaculate into a lady co-worker's bottle of water, it's not the first time he's done this. This press release from the OC:

For his sexual gratification, the defendant left the semen-filled water bottle on the unsuspecting victim’s desk knowing that she would drink the water. Upon returning to her office, Jane Doe drank the contaminated water unaware of the bottle’s contents. She threw the bottle away after tasting the contents and realizing the water was contaminated.

He's out on only $500 bail. Make sure you cover your drinks when you're around this guy. If this guy did this to me it'd take all my strength to not choke this guy. That is, if he wasn't choking himself already.