I am not sure where the original source is for this news but according to Metal Underground, Dave Mustaine is making a country album with a Mustaine twist!Who knows if this is an April Fools joke or not but honestly not such a bad Idea! He may have had his share of ups and downs but when it comes to music, as far as I am concerned, whatever Mustaine touches turns to gold!

And if he really is doing it, the track listing are hilarious! And named perfectly!

The track listing for "Honky Shreddin’" is as follows:

1. Your Beatin’ Heart
2. Can The Bones Be Unbroken?
3. Wichita Hangman
4. He’ll Have To Go To Hell
5. Hate Can Burn A Bridge
6. Folsom Prison Snitch
7. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Atheists
8. Flowers On The Grave
9. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Red
10. All My Exes Live In The Ground
11. What Made Topeka Famous (Made A Gay Rights Supporter Out of Me)

PS. The photo is of me (Kelly West) and Dave Mustaine about ten years ago in Billings, MT.