The MFA [Mercy For Animals] will be in Yakima with a 50 foot hotdog! The hotdog is meat, I mean meant to portray the fact that all animals can be eaten or not eaten! There slogan is 'Why Love One But Eat The Other'! I really do get there cause. They are trying to prevent farms from doing evil things to animals. But I say this, I love the pig, the cow, the deer, the elk and all of the other animals. But One is more faithful than the other. You can teach a dog to help you hunt. You can teach a horse to help you and love them like the dog.

The deer, the elk, the moose ect can not be taught. Many have tried and they all have failed. God put those animals on the earth for us so that we would have plenty to eat.

I love veggies so much but you can not live healthy on a vegetarian diet! My grandmother had a 5000 acre cattle ranch. She ate raw meat and rare meat her entire life. She found out she had stomach cancer at age 102 and died at age 103.

Give me one vegetarian that has lived that long and I will EAT my words! Oh one more thing, my dog loves to go hunting with me! HA