Meet Milloux, a self-proclaimed sexual deviant who has a dog named Siouxsie.

Name: Milloux

Age: 22

Location: California

Occupation: Sexual Deviant.

Stats: Huh?

Heroes: Adam Turla

Gets Me Hot: Weight. Riding.

I Lost My Virginity: Bloodily.

My Status: Single

Into: Photography, Forensics, Film Editing, Music Making, Sleeping, My dog, Country Music, Claymation/3D Animation, Tails, Roadkill, Bikes-Fixies/track bikes/cruisers, Real Emo/Skramz, Playing gigs, Steampunk & Satan, Jewish culture & Pr0n.

Hobbies: Making movies, Making music, Making faces, Making pictures, Making cakes, Making sex, Buying mice, Buying fish, Buying, Riding Bikes, Riding my bike again, Riding dudes, Working on bikes, Working my hips, [not] Working out.

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: My dog [Siouxsie], water, my computer, avocados and dental floss.

Vices: I have none.

I Spend Most of My Free Time: Sleeping

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