When I was a kiddo, the reason I wanted to get into radio takes only two words to describe: Casey Kasem. He is without a doubt my most favorite DJ in the whole wide world.  I used to sit up and listen to him all night and he also did the 'American Top 40' on Saturday mornings.

Now we find out that he is missing and rumors have been floating around that he is at a Native American reservation in Washington state. Holy crap! What I would give to visit with him, even if he cannot talk.

He is suffering from Parkinson's disease and has been under supervised care for some time. His daughter became his caregiver just this morning after filing a missing person's report.

I have heard that his family has been arguing about taking care of him, his money etc. Really, it is Casey Kasem, for crying out loud. He can come and stay with me for the rest of his life and never say a word. And I do not need any damn money for it, either.

I will take him fishing until the day he dies. Amen.