Over the weekend I wanted to make pancakes, but I couldn't. Why? Because I was currently washing the rest of my mixing bowls except for the largest one from the set. Why couldn't I use that? Because that's the one I throw up in and can't bring myself to use that same bowl to make something edible.

There's no reason why I couldn't - the clean and sterilize the large mixing bowl after I'm sick. It's not like I get sick all the time, maybe only once a year. But there's that psychological element involved where, no matter how clean I know it is, I'd feel completely bad if I made pancakes using this mixing bowl and feed them to my kids. I may as well ladle soup or cereal from a clean toilet bowl.

So, for that reason, mixing bowl sets should come clearly marked on what each bowl is used for. The small ones are perfect for whisking a couple of eggs or combining a small amount of liquids. The medium-sized ones are good for mixing dry ingredients like flour and sugar, but whatever the largest mixing bowl is, it should clearly be labeled that you shouldn't use it for cooking because we know that it's going to be used as a vomit vesicle.

And why don't I just throw up in the toilet like a respectable human being? Because, often times, when I get sick, I need to use the toilet at the same time for another problem as the force of vomiting... well... I don't think I need to go on. We've all been there.

The mixing cooking mixing bowls stay in the kitchen, this large one lives under our bathroom sink, where it belongs.