New Challenger Approaching!

That's the sign that you're about to face a new character in Super Smash Bros.

One of the funnest parts of the Smash Bros. series is seeing what video game characters will join the party and become unlockable. They're usually from Nintendo games, but there have been others, in the past, from other companies like Sonic the Hedgehog, Solid Snake and the recent announcement of Mega Man joining the party. Although the new game's announcement did have two new characters, more are yet to be announced. Here are nine characters in the Nintendo universe I hope join in the fun in the new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


Donkey Kong 3


Although he's from the Donkey Kong series, Stanley has never done anything outside of this game - not even a cameo. Donkey Kong 3 is radically different from any other Donkey Kong so it's usually forgotten. I'd love it if they'd give Stanley another time to shine, using is pesticide spray against his opponents.


Nintendo Power mascot

Nintendo Power

In the early days of Nintendo Power, Howard and Nester was a team consisting of former president of Nintendo, Howard Phillips, and 'Nester', taking his name from NES (nintendo entertainment system). Howard and Nester was a comic strip in Nintendo Power where they're in a new game as Howard usually give a tip or advice on how to play it within the comic. It'd be fun to play as Nester with Howard in the background giving advice to Nester on how he should fight back.

Urban Champion


In, what could be, the first Player vs. Player fighting game for the Nintendo (maybe ever?) Urban Champion needs to come out of the past and into modern day gaming with this fighter. He would have to have the ability to knock his opponent into a manhole or drop a potted plant on his opponent's head.

Mike Jones



StarTropics is another game that gets overshadowed by many others. Although it's a Legend of Zelda clone (I'll admit it), it's one of my favorite NES games and Mike Jones would be great as a playable character. Equipped with his yo-yo could you could also throw bolas and other weapons of choice. He'd be fun to have.

'Wrecking Crew' Mario

Wrecking Crew


Mario has played a lot of rolls in Nintendo games. Outside of the Super Mario Bros. universe, he has also been a referee, tennis judge, golfer and, in Wrecking Crew, he was a construction worker - or deconstruction, as he demolishes everything in this game. I'd love to see Wrecking Crew Mario in the new Super Smash Bros. game.

Bald Bull



Bald Bull needs to be in Super Smash Bros. He could simply 'bull charge' all of his opponents off the stage!


Legend of Zelda universe

Zelda Wiki

Tingle is certainly an interesting character. He's a map maker in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask but has played other bit rolls in other Zelda games to follow. To really make him special, he had the option to act as a helper in The Wind Waker if you plugged your Gameboy Advance into your GameCube. It'd be fun, an innovative, if you could only play as Tingle with your 3DS synced up with your Wii-U. Make it happen, Nintendo!

Ace Ebb

Nintendo Power 'Power Player'

Nintendo Power

Ace Ebb was featured in the very first issue of Nintendo Power as being a no-nonsense kind of gamer. As you can read from what's said about him, he just played Nintendo all the time. Nobody knows what's happened to him since, but it would be hilarious if they included Ace Ebb as a playable character in the new Super Smash Bros.

That's my list, but I'm sure you have yours. Who else would you like to see in the new Smash Bros. game? I had someone tell me 'Captain N' from that old cartoon - that would be awesome!! Tell me in the comments below.