The Rolling Stones have returned with their first new song in seven years, and you can hear it now!
"Doom and Gloom" is a gritty, driving blues-rock number highlighted by Mick Jagger's sneering vocals and some blistering Keith Richards guitar riffs.

In "Doom and Gloom," Jagger bemoans many of the world's problems, such as overseas war, hunger, poverty, and fracking for fossil fuels, while lamenting in the chorus, "All I hear is doom and gloom."

The Stones have posted a brand-new lyrics video for the song online.  The clip features the tunes' provocative words appearing in spattered paint across the screen as the track progresses.  The band's famed tongue-and-lips logo also makes a cameo.

"Doom and Gloom" was premiered on British radio Thursday morning, and is now available for purchase as a digital download at iTunes.  The song is one of two new tracks that will appear on the forthcoming multi-disc compilation GRRR!, which will be released in multiple formats November 12.