Anyone with an e-mail address has, at one point or another, received an impassioned plea from a mysterious Nigerian prince or dignitary asking them to send funds with the promise of great wealth in return.

Most people know a rat when they smell one and immediately disregard the e-mail for exactly what it is.  A scam.  Modern day snake oil salesmen using today's technology to rob
an unsuspecting or greedy or possibly elderly person out of their money.

Many have caught on to this fraud and apparently, after the e-mail I received today, the con artists are trying a different approach.

And, apparently, lowering their asking price.  See the correspondence I got today:

I Eliana and my husband Alfredo, when we are working on the computer
we love to hear them online and as we are adhesive collectors, we would
like to know as we must make we will receive adhesives from Rádio KATS THE ROCK STATION 94,5 FM to place and to enrich our collection.
Without more, we desire much success and receives a great one l hug of
the Eliana e Alfredo.

visit us:ção-de-Adesivos/180979098666510
Our address
Eliana e Alfredo Guerra
Rua Avelino Monteiro,264 A - Jardim Umuarama

CEP. 06036-050 - Osasco - São Paulo - Brasil.

By "adhesives" I can only assume they mean bumper stickers.  Are they worth alot in Brazil?  Maybe radio station window clings are used as currency in South America.

HOLY CRAP!  If that's the case, I'm sitting on a gold mine!  I've got a metric ass-ton of those things!

Tell you what...  Send me $10 U.S.D. today and I will send you a KATS window sticker which, apparently, can be used in Brazil to bilk unsuspecting members of royalty out of their riches!

What do you think?  Should I send "Eliana" and "Alfredo" a KATS bumper sticker adhesive?
Comment below and take the poll to help me determine whether I should or shouldn't.