I first heard of the idea of not shaving for the month of October a couple of years ago. This year, I'm going for it.

It's one of those harmless, for fun ideas. Free to participate and something you can turn into a local competition amongst your friends and co-workers. Me, I'm just doing it as a reason to not shave for a month.

Now, for years I've had a goatee. I completely get and understand that the goatee is the 2000's version of the mullet, but you have to understand that my Norwegian heritage made it so I didn't have much of a chin so my goatee accommodated for that. I also don't grow facial hair as fast as others so we'll see how long it takes me to get anywhere.

The above pic is me on Day 1. I'll post a weekly update and compare at the end of the month. If you're doing Octobeard, post your updated pics on our Facebook wall if you'd like.