On-Edge has been a driving force for metal in Yakima Washington since 1998.
Their blend of rock & metal is different than what you hear out there today.
The band has gone through many members since their start not to mention a constant changing scope of sound. From turntables to grinding guitars, from rap core lyrics to harsh screaming vocals, On-Edge has done it all.
Of the original members, only two remain. Pete Silvestri, who is the lead guitarist and Kyle Adams who plays rhythm guitar & backup vocals. Rudy Gonzalez joined as lead vocals in 2008, in mid 2010 drummer - Todd Milne and finally in October 2010 bassist Ryan Brown.
On-Edge signed with Turkey Vulture Records & recorded their debut album in January 2010. It is slated for release in the next few months.
The band is all about energy on stage and having a good time. They have graced many stages and will set foot on many more in the future.
The band is always writing new material so be sure to keep an eye out for new songs and check out what is already out.
Come bleed with us!