Have you ever wondered if you are getting too fat?
There's now an easy test you can take within the privacy of your own home to tell for sure.If you can no longer see your own penis then odds are pretty good that you are obese.

According to a recent study of 1,000 British men aged 35-60, a whopping 33% were unable to visibly get a glimpse of their manhood because of the size of their bellies.

According to an expert, "Men care more about maintaining their cars than their own bodies, and often only see the doctor if told to by a female partner or relative."

Ladies, you are encouraged to help your man a.) not only find his willy but b.) "encourage him to check his testicles regularly for lumps -- or check them yourself as part of foreplay"

As a man who has never had a problem locating my junk, I fully support whatever kind of support the ladies can provide in helping end this epidemic.

Now, if we can only help the Brits locate their toothbrushes!