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Watch a Shark Chomp a Diver’s GoPro Camera [VIDEO]
More power to those who feel the need to be so up-close-and personal among such beasts of the deep.
The diver who posted this video of a shark taking the Go Pro Camera mounted on top of a pole into his mouth, play tug-of-war for four-seconds and then let go, is enough to pretty much keep me from swim…
All Time High for Children Suffering Until Death in Hot Cars
This makes me sad and angry, because it is so bloody preventable, yet it keeps happening. Now, this year, an all-time high number of children have died suffering until they pass in a hot car. It is inexcusable and so avoidable.
Twenty-nine children have died of heatstroke after being left in a vehicl…
Entertainment Weekly FAILS
We all love to rush those tribute stories to press these days.
Nobody covers the rock world better than LOUDWIRE, so it is funny when Hollywood gossip magazines try and do the same.
Take for instance when one or two of our beloved rock icons pass away within a short amount of time...
Flower vs. Dab?
To smoke flower or take a quick dab?
That is the question many a seasoned stoner are asking themselves in states like ours these days.
Long gone are the days when people had two types of weed: Red bud or green bud. Mexican or Kind bud...
Facetime Flair Now Available
Have you had a chance to use the "flair" that Apple's Facetime provides?
Apple calls them "augmented selfie covers."
Whatever they are called, they are a bunch of fun when you're talking to friends about nothing.
It can be annoying when you're checking…

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