And not just any beer, a 20oz Steel Reserve. But, yes, I, literally, just saw the guy who asks for money, usually on the corner of 40th and Summitview, buy a 20oz can of Steel Reserve with money graciously handed out by the good, hardworking people of Yakima.

The story goes as follows. I was at store when he came in. I recognized him immediately as I drive by him once or twice a day when he's out. He actually came in to use the restroom so I thought that was nice. at least he's not going to the bathroom in some random tree nearby.

Then, behind me in line, he puts his can of Steel Reserve on the counter, buys it and, while I'm getting buckled in my car, he ducks around the back of the building to drink it. Sorry about the quality of this picture, but it's all I could grab and I didn't want to walk up to him and say, "Smile!" -click-

Now before you get all mad, in his defense, his sign says nothing about not buying beer with the money people are giving him. I think his sign just says "Hungry, please help" or something generic. Sure, he's hungry, but he's also thirsty. Standing out in the sun will make you parched. It doesn't even say he's homeless. He probably has a home - it's just he doesn't have any beer at home so he needs your help in that factor.

Anyways, I thought I'd share. Do you ever give money to these guys?