One of the most inspirations female comics, Phyllis Diller, died at 95 years young.

According to TMZ, she died in her sleep this morning. He suffered a heart attack in 1999 and has recently fallen, but it's believed that neither of those had anything to do with her passing.

If you're saying, "Who's Phyllis Diller?" Known for her wild hair and sometimes more wild outfits, she was a break-thru comedian starting in the 50s and had been entertaining until the day she died. Recently seen in the comedy film 'The Aristicrats' which is a movie about a specific joke told differently by other comedians.

Now that the Roasts are so popular on Comedy Central each year, celebrity roasts started WAY back in the day. Here's Phyllis Diller roasting Ronald Regan.

And when she was on Ed Sullivan: