Ponchus Pilot has been around since 2006 but with many differnet names and members. In the beginning, B.E.D. Rock, the original name, included lead singer/bassist Eli Curtsinger, Lead Guitarist Brian Bender, and Drummer Dalton Willett. After over a year of simple song writing, Eli switched to guitar and the band entered a talent show without a bassist. The show turned out to be a disaster when a string broke in the second verse of the song. Brian left the band and the two remaining members recruited Kaleb Baxter, a new guitarist who played better than Brian. Soon, Fabio Pena joined as lead, shuffling Kaleb as rhythm guitar. The band entered a talent show the following year and played without Kaleb. The show was a success but the band was disqualified for discussing religious subjects, but the crowd loved the preformance. The next summer, Fabio left the band to take up dancing and Kaleb brought Josh Bushea on board. This combination of members worked poorly and the band split in two. Kaleb and Josh took the bands current name: The Uprising while Eli and Dalton quickly got to work rebuilding their band. Within a single week, Eli contacted Tyler Enfield, an astounding guitarrist he saw online. Tyler loved the idea of joining a band and was eager to meet Eli and Dalton. The trio tossed different band names around while writing new songs superior to the prior. The band was gaining potential. Finally, a name sticked: Ponchus Pilot. Tyler suggested adding Dylan Whitaker as bassist. Dylan practiced with the band a couple weeks later and the four played together for a few months. After a show at the Central Washington State Fair, Dylan was removed from the band. Eventually the final line-up of the band came in the picture with Hunter Buck on bass. The four are currently playing as much as they can and hoping to get signed and be successful in the music industry.