Have you ever thought up a great idea for a product or service but didn't follow through on the idea? Join the club. Here are some ideas for products that I've come up with that I'm sure would be wildly successful if someone with the time, capital and initiative were to do the job for me:

#1. Hooters Baghdad.

Can you imagine the kind of revenue this place would generate. All those pent up Iraqi men living out their illicit fantasies while eating deep fried pickles? Surely it would have to be hidden in a cave somewhere and involve a secret handshake to keep it safe from fundamentalist ne'er do wells but I believe you could double this Islamic Republic's GDP in about a week.

#2. Pretend Your Parents Are Dead Summer Camp.

How many times have your kids told you they hate you? For me it's about 3 bakers dozen. Now imagine a place where kids get to act out their dark fantasies by hanging their parents in effigy while shouting "that's what you get for taking away my cell phone bitch" without fear of reprisal. Your kids would come home raring for the new school year refreshed and, having blown off some steam, will be less likely to bludgeon you in your bed with a baseball bat.

#3. VD Harmony.com. "This will be, a NEVERlasting love"

Ever start a romantic relationship with someone new but struggle to find the right time to tell them you have syphilis just as you're about to get busy? It can be a real buzzkill! That's where VD Harmony.com comes in to match you up with that special someone who has the same STD's you have so there's no risk of contracting something new. You're welcome.

#4. IIU or "Illegal Immigration University"... Home of the Coyotes!

Actually this product already exists and boy do these guys make bank.

#5. The "Shocker Showerhead".

Does this really need an explanation?