Trouble seems to find some people more than others.  Puddle of Mudd lead singer is DEFINITELY one of those people.

Having been arrested numerous times for drunken disorderly conduct, both on and off the stage, Scantlin has also been in trouble with the I.R.S. and was also recently divorced from his smokin' hot wife.

And it just keeps getting better.

Apparently, the troubled frontman stole his ex-wife's car.

Jessica Scantlin told tabloid website TMZ that her car disappeared from her home on February 18th.  She said it wasn't the first time. According to the story,  text messages were sent to his management asking him to give it back.  Hours later she received a message as to where to locate the vehicle with the statement, "Wes didn't take your car."

The ex-Mrs. Scantlin also claimed to have gotten "super creepy texts" after the carjacking.

Scantlin's reps have yet to comment on the claims..