You know, it just goes to show you how accepting and apathetic we are with the way the economy is. And just for you know, I'm not a republican, I'm not a democrat, I think they're both evil, they should get paid minimum wage, that way only the people that really do want to do good for our country is in the seats of power. That being said, as I came into the KATS studio today I was informed by Todd that "these are our new mouse pads" . I didn't even question it, I was like, "less material, and we use optic mice, make sense."

Like a lot of work places now days, they want us to do more with less, and so I didn't even question it. When we had a good laugh at how someone high up that we will never ever know or meet probably got a big paycheck do to this innovative invention, he then brought out the real mouse pads, and told me how he found these Olympic coasters and thought it was funny.


A good joke, good product. I'm just worried now that since we have brought this idea to the public.. which (if any) companies might look at this and go... "Holy crap what a great idea Mini Mouse Pads!" Only time will tell.