The instructor of radio broadcasting at CWU and former radio teacher at YVCC in the YV-Technical Skills Center, Randy Beckstead, has announced his retirement. He taught many in Yakima including several of the DJs on KATS.

Randy has been in the radio industry for 40 years, 30 of those years as a teacher, instructor, and tutor. He was on the air on many radio station in the area including KYUT in Yakima as well as KYYX in Seattle, KPQ in Wenatchee, KWIQ in Moses Lake, KREM and KPBX in Spokane, and KRLC in Lewiston, ID.

I personally had him as a teacher at the YV-Tech in 2000 - 2001. Other alumni include Todd E. Lyons Esquire, Timmy, Jondis and several others who has passed through our doors. He was a cool guy and will be missed as a teacher. With his retirement he plans on raising cattle.