Andy Winford's bold prediction that the St. Louis Rams would "crush" the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday drew a lot of ... shall we say "skepticism"?

Among the doubters was KATS' afternoon guy, Curt Cartier, who stands up for the 12s here ...

Andy, let me tell you how wrong you are. I can’t recall all five specific points made, but let me address what I remember of your prattle ...

While it is true the losing Super Bowl team usually tanks the following year, the Hawks bucked that trend after getting jobbed by the refs in SB 40. They made the playoffs the next year. Also, wise-ass, the Hawks were one sketchy play call away from, and should be for all intents and purposes at this point except they are not, back-to-back champs.

Having Chancellor out sucks, but Earl Thomas has stated he’s more into his playbook than ever because playing with Kam made him an instinctive and better football player. Without him, he’s more focused and not going all maverick. Plus Hawk fans have always known the Ram front seven is dynamite, but I believe No. 72 in blue, Michael Bennett, when he’s talking like this Seahawk front seven are primed for all-time NFL greatness! Plus, please oh please oh please, will you punt the ball to Lockett? Pretty please?

Winning on the road is always tough in the NFL, and St. Louis has beaten the Hawks two of the last three times at home, but unless you bring back Roman Gabriel throwing to Jack Snow, and wash out that piss yellow from the helmets and uniforms back to the original glorious blue and white, the ghost of Les Josephson has a better chance of beating the Legion of Boom with Nick F. Foles under center.

Finally, Jimmy Graham. And Beast Mode. Good day sir, I said good day!