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I shared this on facebook yesterday and did not realize how many people would comment on this! Respect the flag whether you can stand or not! We have many armed service men and women that can not stand now because they were defending this honor! They are in wheel chairs or can not see or can not hear because of it and they still respect the fact that we are free and that we can "Stand Up" for the "Old Glory"! Remember who we are no matter what race or religion. This country is based on immigrants and once you are in America you are an American! It is that simple! So if you can stand for our great nations Flag or not have pride if you are standing or not! AMEN! Below are the comments I got on my facebook! Interesting stuff no doubt!

  • Amanda Gill AMEN!

    20 hours ago · · 2
  • Erik Smestad take the "under god" back out and maybe i will... oh wait no i wont

    20 hours ago ·
  • Courtney Joy Husch that's a dick thing to say...

    20 hours ago · · 5
  • Erik Smestad defend it from who?? do you see anyone invadiing our country? i dont deserve to stand because i dont believe its right that they added "under god" to the pledge of allegiance in 1954? and i made a joke about standing because i am in a wheelchair... insert foot into mouth

    19 hours ago ·
  • Courtney Joy Husch still, a fuckin dick thing to say

    19 hours ago · · 2
  • Courtney Joy Husch shouldn't joke about that shit

    19 hours ago · · 1
  • Erik Smestad joke about myself being in a wheelchair... isnt that the freedom that is being defended? a fuckin dick thing to say is that i couldnt defend the country if my life depended on it because i dont agree with this post

    19 hours ago ·
  • Courtney Joy Husch i'll apologize or admit my wrong since i didnt know you were in a wheelchair... but knowing quite a few people who serve in the military... your comment pisses me off.

    19 hours ago · · 3
  • Becki Utter Sorry about the disability there Erik, but wondering if perhaps you also cannot hear, see, nor have empathy??? Yes, our country is a target for invasion 24/7 and no one even knows what is being plotted against us. SO... ONE NATION UNDER GOD, I SHALL STAND WITH A THANKFUL HEART THAT WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD UNTIL THE DAY I AM NO LONGER HERE ON THE LAND OF THE FREE AND WILL ALSO SHOW MY GRATITUDE AND RESPECT TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL THAT DEFENDS ME FROM INVASION OF THE EVIL PERPETRATORS TRYING TO DESTROY OUR GOOD NATION!! Nuff said.

    19 hours ago via mobile · · 4
  • Erik Smestad i know people that are in the military too... my best friend in highschool was one of the first people to go to iraq and he has told me hella shit about what goes on over there... why must we say god in the pledge... its not fair to people who dont believe in god. i dont think it should be on our money either holy shit becky you need to lay off the fox news...

    19 hours ago ·
  • Becki Utter Not Fox News Erik... Called reality! What is the percentage of Americans that do not honor one nation under god??? Not a majority, so why would they not just go to another nation that they came from or believe in? Not a needed warm body needed here. I have many family and friends, and people I have never met that are serving or have lost their lives to this one nation under GOD!

    19 hours ago via mobile · · 2
  • Courtney Joy Husch THANK YOU BECKI!!!!!!!!!!

    19 hours ago · · 2
  • Becki Utter Absolutely... Not trying to hijack this status, just hit a nerve. I have made my point and will lay off... Good day all!

    19 hours ago via mobile · · 1
  • Courtney Joy Husch Yeah seriously.. thank you :) im gonna go ahead and unfollow it now so i dont get annoyed...

    19 hours ago · · 1
  • Becki Utter Ditto!

    19 hours ago via mobile ·
  • Erik Smestad well believe what you want god made you inferior anyways if you believe that shit

    19 hours ago ·
  • Erik Smestad and you are all inbred lol

    19 hours ago ·
  • Pamela Ring I shared this pic on my FB too. I was raised in a religion that doesn't believes you should ONLY pledge alligence to God... And we ARE founded on 'Freedom Of Religion', so I must accept if people are doing it for religious reasons. But if they are not... LEAVE this country if you can't stand up for it! BTW: I do NOT share the same beliefs. God knows our country has it's flaws, (what nation DOESN"T?) but our country protects us. They keep the 'fighting' off our soil so us civilians don't get hurt, it gives us fredom of religion, freedom of press, fair trial... and on and on! Personally, I'm a bit afraid to travel outside my country.

    18 hours ago · · 2
  • Pamela Ring In that 2nd sentence. the word 'doesn't' should not be there. Sorry.

    18 hours ago · · 1
  • Kelly West N Bubba Eric The meaning of this post was to only show that weather you can stand or not respect the flag and out freedom. If you cannot stand then that totally sucks but still respect it. Your post pissed people off because all you said was "Oh wait no I wont'" If I didn't know that you were in a wheel chair it would have pissed me off too. But Envasion or not respecting the fact that we are free and we can be in wheel chairs and play guitar and do just about whatever we wanna do really. there are some countrys that do not give a flying hell and some people that need wheel chairs do not get them. So with all of that said whether you can stand or not just have respect for it ya know!

    26 minutes ago · · 1
  • Erik Smestad I have plenty if respect for our military service men but i think we could honor them a lot better than trying to guilt people into a flag salute... i do have a right to not agree with everything that everyone posts. Im sorry if me expressing my opinion pissed you all off but thats what happens when someone doesnt just go with the flow... just because i dont agree with the under god part doesnt mean i dont have the right to stand doesnt mean i am unamerican. So go ahead be pissed off thats your right too