My name is Rick Rousseau. I've been a guitarist for many years. From my first guitar --, a Wards Airline, that was in 1964 (yeah, thats what I said)-- to my latest guitar, an Ibanez Jem, snagged new in 2009, I have maintained a mad love affair with the 6 string beast. The first song I learned was Eric Burden's "House of the Rising Sun", the last one was Vai's "For the Love of God". The song list at the first gig included the Monkees and the Beatles. The last had bands like Alice in Chains and Metallica. My journey has felt the flavors of decades and has been gracious enough to have placed me in many many truly "artist filled" bands. It's been a sincere privilage to have shared the stage for so many years with so many talented musicians. People that became and who have remained my friends. Those were alot of great times (none of which will be spoken of here) ....NOW, I'm going to try my hand at Instrumental Rock Guitar. I'm doing this for the sole reason that, well ....I can't sing. Never could.