Because I had them readily available, I decided to see how tall I was in NES games. With the help of my 4 year old daughter, we stacked them as high as we could. I stand at 6 foot 5 inches, but I have around 300 NES games so I was sure I had enough.

Well, now that I know the answer, I can sleep better tonight. Since we had the stack, and because she was very helpful in my project, we measured my 4 year old. She was 64 NES games tall, but if she eats her greens and gets plenty of sleep she's one Bubble Bobble away of 65.

(Update) Do you want to see how tall YOU are and don't have enough copies of Dragon Warrior to measure yourself? Redditor 'BulletBill' came up with this mathmatical equation, including how to find out how tall you might be in SNES games,:

A NES is 1.6cm(0.63in) and and SNES is 2cm(0.79in)

So 115 NES is equal to 92 SNES

(115x1.6 = 184cm or 72.44in)