Over the weekend, it was my pleasure to play a bunch of video games. Extra Life is an annual fundraiser where we look for donations while upholding our end, playing video games for 24-hours non-stop.

I took a few quick videos of the games I was playing, but didn't record them all as I was too busy playing video games, naturally. I have fallen asleep play video games before, too. My strategy was to start off by playing some fun puzzle-type games on my favorite system of all time, the NES (the old 8-bit Nintendo), play a variety of games including some Kinect games and Rock Band with the kids to keep them involved and, later on, I had a few games I've never played before to keep me interested through the night.

All in all, it worked out alright. I had a master plan to go through a variety of systems, which I did. Maybe next year I'll focus on playing 24-hour straight of games on just ONE system. We'll see.

Although the gaming aspect is already done, you still have time to make a donation here.