Rob Halford is a Metal God and you can't blame Ivan for being a little nervous on stage with the guy! But, the crowd sucked!When Ivan Moody announced for Halford to come out on stage it was as if they didn't know who this guy was! WTF! Who gets to go to the Golden Gods anyways? Super rich people that only know it is an 'A' list event? Ugh!

I am beside myself with disgust on the crowd performance and whoever videoed this zoomed in on Five Finger's drummer, Jeremy Spencer, (who is awesome) when Rob was singing!

I got to figure out how the hell I can get to the Golden God Awards to represent Townsquare Media the right way, and no I won't drink! HA

Show these people how to rock and maybe explain right before the show who all these people are so the 'A' list richness are not embarrassed anymore! I would like to school them so they don't look as stupid as they do in this video!

Amazing song! Turn it up for some Lift Me Up!