My favorite hockey team and one of my favorite metal heads team up for movie! I am in heaven!

What a great day this is for me to find out that the Great Rob Zombie will be directing a different kind of "Hockey Mask Movie"! "Broad Street Bullies" is about the 1972 to 1976 Philadelphia Flyers that "Kicked the crap" out of the Soviet Union in a memorable and brutal game that happened in 1975!

The Soviet Union's dominant Central Red Army Team left the ice after the first period but was warned to continue to play or they would not receive there pay for the whole series!

They obviously choose to stay on the ice but received an ASS woopin through out the game! I moved to Philadelphia in1985 and could not wait to go see a Flyers game.

Rob Zombie talked to the team and is going to write, produce and direct the film! Looking forward to "Broad Street Bullies" movie coming out soon!