Rob Zombie never seizes to amaze me when I see him live. Even though White Zombie isn't a band anymore, his still does White Zombie tunes when his is on tour! Thank god!I was very lucky enough to have seen White Zombie live 6 times before they stopped being a group. Sean Yseult's bass playing was always fun to watch because she may very well be more psycho than me. The whole band was awesome. And I have seen Rob Zombie and different tours 14 times. Not as many as I want but I am working on it! Looking forward to the show November 5th at the Yakima Valley Sundome! Click for Facebook Invite!

So, it is to know surprise that some of my favorite Rob Zombie stuff is from White Zombie!

#5 White Zombie - Black Sunshine

#4 Rob Zombie - The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore

#3 Rob Zombie Featuring Sheri Moon Zombie - Call of the Zombie and Superbeast

#2 White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Mother F*%er

#1 Rob Zombie - Transylvania Transmission & Bring Her Down To Crippletown

Although I love everything he has ever touched, these are my most favorite ones because you don't hear them very often! Good Stuff!