How do you get on the cover of The Rolling Stone's Magazine? Become a terrorist! And at this point in most people's lives I am sure they do not want to be on the cover anymore! Remember 'Back in the Day' when The Rolling Stone magazine was for the music and the people. Pop culture and what is going on in the music industry is why I read it. Hell, I even have many of the copies saved because it was such a cool magazine!

When they decided that Eddie Van Halen was #77 of the top guitarist of all time and put Jack White at #11, or something like that, that ended me thinking that they have any credibility at all left with what good music is.

Then they put Snookie on the front and sent me into a furious rant since she has nothing to do with music at all.

But now the Rolling Stone Magazine has put a Terrorist on the cover! I am shocked beyond what I can even express on this article right now. No matter what the story says, they made the "he that should not be named" terrorist look like a Pop Icon! The terrorist doesn't get the respect of me even saying his name.

The Boston Marathon was a shocking day for all of us United States Citizens. For The Rolling Stone Magazine to glamorize 'he that should not be named' on the front is an insult to the US and to music!

I bet that Dr. Hook didn't think that the Rolling Stone magazine would go this far when the sang about getting on the cover!

I boycott forever the magazine 'That should not be named' anymore and will never read it again!

Someone needs to start a much better magazine focused on music and the industry and pop culture! AMEN!

There's now a petition to get Rolling Stone to not publish this cover. Sign the petition here.