All week long, I have marveled at and been entertained by the crew of men putting on a new roof on the residence adjacent to the KATS studio.

Aaron Bennett

We have opened our windows and cranked the monitors so they've had some kick-ass tunes to rock out to while busting their butts in the heat.

Friday morning, as they arrived at the jobsite a bit before 7, one of them held up a sign made out of roofing paper that was asking for a couple of KATS T-shirts.  Since we are currently fresh out of stock, we decided to do the next best thing.

After getting their drink order, we called Cassie's Tom-Tom Espresso just down the road.

Now the hard part. Trying to get six 32-ounce drinks across an irrigation canal and up onto the roof! (Watch to the end for the roofers' classy donation to Team Tristan and Team Liam and Logan.)