During the school year it is like pulling teeth to get most kids to do there home work! My  oldest daughter is now in college but when she was younger, getting her to do her math was like asking the Pope to change religions! HA

But we must have done something right because she is in her 3rd year of college. Now, my fiance's daughter who is now mine daughter is exactly the same way. Math is basically Greek to her.

During the school year we have to basically make sure it is done every single night.  The last day of school was Friday. She gets home and the first thing she does is pick up her math homework and "Plays School"! Really?? HAHA

I thought that I was going to die laughing my face off!

So I have decided that during the school year, we are just going to pretend every night that I am the school teacher and we are just going to "Play Math"!

Got a get it done right! HAHA