Every summer, retro gamers from all walks of life head to Seattle for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. It's a place to share your passion for the classic games you grew up with, and for younger folks to get involved with the history of video games.

If you pre-register, you'll be entered into a drawing for one of these 3D printed mini Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

I'm a huge retro gamer. I love the new games,too, but I always have access to my older game systems like my Super NES, Dreamcast and everything else. It's fun to see what else there is, fun to see games and gaming items I haven't seen in years. I usually find items I've never even heard of.

But, of course, you can't have a gaming convention without playing video games. They traditionally have a play room to actually play many of these classics, fun, interactive panels and a whole lot more.

For those mini-NES systems, you have to pre-register by April 30.

Seattle Retro Gaming Expo
June 28-29, 2014
Washington State Convention Center