I'm sick to death of hearing and reading stories like this.  They seem to be almost daily anymore.

While many wring hands and gnash teeth about gang violence, crime, etc., I submit that you are just as likely or more so to be injured, maimed or killed by an overzealous authority figure.

The latest case of abuse comes from Texas where a 17 year-old boy, who was trying to break up a fight between two female classmates, was tased by a sheriff's deputy/"school resource officer", and is now in a coma.  A freaking COMA!

From an article in Reason magazine I read earlier today:

"Tasers are meant to be a non-lethal way for police officers to force targets into compliance, but more than 500 deaths have been attributed to Tasers since 2001, largely due to cardiac arrest. At one Texas high school, the use of a Taser by Randy McMillan, a sheriff’s deputy/school resource officer, on 17-year-old Noe Niño de Rivera has resulted in the student being put in a medically induced coma. The family has filed a lawsuit against McMillan, the school district, and the county, and alleges Rivera was tased after trying to break up a fight."